Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's been snowy.  And windy.  Etc. for the last couple of days.

When the wind is whipping away at you while you're standing at a bus stop, you should always make sure you're holding on to whatever you're holding on to good and tight.  Because, if it blows away, you will at best make a great fool of yourself as you run down the sidewalk chasing after your belongings.

Tonight as the 200 was pulling up to a stop, the wind ripped the transfer out of a man's hand.

Oh, no, wind, you did not just go there.

Associated Press

If you want to see a man dive for the sidewalk, rip his transfer out of his hand just as the bus is coming.  He'd obviously done this before, because he had the transfer cornered in about two seconds and resumed getting on the bus as though nothing had happened.

Sometimes being a busser requires having quick reflexes.

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