Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Last Saturday I had occasion to get off a bus at the Fashion Place West TRAX Station. This doesn't happen to me too often. While I pass through Fashion Place West at least six times a week, barring any non-school trips, I rarely get off there, and even rarerly catch a bus there.

As we were pulling into the station, I saw this sign:

Click to enlarge, since the important part is the smallest part of the sign.

And I thought, yeah, maybe in 2007 Route 33 ended here. But not in the 4.4 intervening years since the Great Salt Lake Bus Route Redesign . . .

Maybe they just forgot about it; I don't know. Nevertheless, it gave me a little mirth.


  1. Oh man. The pre-2007 bus routes. I took a trip to the rideuta.com of 2001 and 2003 (thanks to archive.org) and marveled at the old routing (and scheduling!) of the routes of yore. The 22 ran ten-minute frequencies during peak hours. The 4 ran twenty-minute frequencies in 2001, and yet was discontinued by 2003. The amount of routes serving the east bench back then is impressive. Just look at the 54! But I digress. Now I just wish I can go back even further and analyze the routes of the '90s, '80s and '70s.

  2. Yeah, I hope that once the sales tax bounces back up, and the train construction is finalized, we can see the bus service ramp back up somewhat. It is nice to have the trains, though :)