Monday, January 2, 2012


Having scored some hits and misses on last year's fearless predictions, I've decided to cautiously introduce just a few more outrageous possibilities for the coming year.  Stand back.

ONE.  Having successfully reduced the number of students holding UTA passes to, oh, about three, BYU will proceed to implement their much-anticipated shuttle service.  The service will be . . . a modest success, meaning that it won't die off immediately, but that the original idea of starting small and expanding will be revised to . . . starting small.

TWO.  After three more snotty people from Sandy write angry letters or start petitions against the evils of public transportation, UTA will cancel all transit service through Sandy.  This will result in a few awkward service arrangements, such as still completing the Draper line but skipping service on all stations between 78th and 114th, and the 817 awkwardly turning around in the middle of the freeway at the city line and letting people off on the shoulder.  Partly because of the inconvenience this will cause, and partly because all the normal people in Sandy who just happen to ride the train will rise up and silence their neighbors, all the parties involved will eventually relent and service will be restored.  Just in time, because . . .
THREE.  Barring any unforeseen calamities or class failures, I will get my master's degree at the very end of this year.  BYU will breathe a collective sigh of relief.

FOUR.  Immediately after I graduate, and therefore no longer have any need whatsoever to travel to Provo on a regular basis, FrontRunner South will open.  I will still ride it, though (heh, heh, heh).

FIVE.  The Park City Connect will take a wrong turn at the wrong time early one morning, and end up in . . . Narnia.

SIX.  In response to commutergirl's repeated hints and importunations, I . . . may . . . agree that we can have our first child.  But I'm pretty sure the child won't be born until 2013, so I'll leave any specific predictions about it until next year.


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  2. All very valid conclusions busninja but I'm pretty sure #6 was meant for someone else. sheesh