Saturday, January 14, 2012


Lately as I've been riding TRAX, I've seen something which encourages me greatly:

Ads which mention proximity to TRAX stations as a desirable feature.

I realize this is not a new phenomenon, but I only started riding the train regularly a few months ago, so I've only noticed it lately.  The fact that it has been around for a while doesn't mean more people shouldn't take advantage of it.  I mean, TRAX has something like 60,000 riders a day.  They must all, by definition, get on and off at stations, except in the unlikely event that they are actually driving the train.

Or are going on a special tour of the maintenance facility.  All the same, a whole pile of engineers could have seen your ad.
This means that some of them will be getting off the train near your business, if your business is next to a TRAX station.  In fact, a lot of them will be walking past your business, meaning they'll have plenty of time to observe your artfully crafted window displays (unless they're walking and texting, but if that's the case, you probably wouldn't want their business anyway . . .)

So try it out.  Put up an ad on a TRAX train telling people where they can find your wares.  It's a largely untapped market.

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