Saturday, January 21, 2012


So, I had to go to Provo today.  Yes, on a Saturday.  Yes, on the bus.

Hey, it happens.

I was visiting a lot near the Provo Towne Centre Mall that we're studying in one of my classes.  This is, as you may know, a long trip, from where I live.

Why does the 811 take so long?  Look at the dang map.
A trip like this has the potential to go very, very wrong.  I've written a few blog posts about long trips that have gone haywire.  Sometimes, however, a trip like this works out really, really well.  Like today:

This morning, when I looked up the schedules, I realized that I could make a good connection to the 811 . . . if I left in ten minutes.  I wasn't even dressed yet.  But I was fast.

I got off the 39 at the TRAX station, and within a minute of my having situated myself in the nine-square-foot area that was not wet on the whole train platform, the Blue Line showed up.  I'm not stupid.  I got on.

I got off the Blue Line at Sandy Civic Center, then walked over to the 811 stop.  As soon as I had figured out how to stand so that the rain wasn't getting my legs wet, I saw bus 09042, which, as everyone knows, is a Utah County bus, so it had to be the 811.  Considering that the 811 only runs once an hour on Saturdays, and is often late, to have it come so soon was marvelous, indeed.

As I prepared to get off the 811 at University and Canyon in Provo, the 832 showed up at the light.  If the 811 hadn't gotten the turn arrow first, I would have had to watch the 832 go by.  As it was, as soon as I got off the 811, I had to start making my "I'm going to get on your bus so you'd better stop" face toward the 832.  Not bad.

And then, of course, I was there.  And while the trip back wasn't quite as slick as the trip out, it was good enough that I didn't turn into a crying baby, even though I had to go to Provo on a Saturday.


  1. That's a good feeling when things come together and work in your favor. Good for you. (I can relate to being "fast" when you realize you have to be out the door in ten minutes!)

    When you mention that there was a possibility of having to watch the 832 go by, but thankfully the 811 got to the arrow first, it brought to mind a question I've often had: Why don't the drivers recognize those types of situations as possibilities, and wait for one another "just in case" there's a possibility of a passenger in your type of situation?

  2. They do . . . sometimes. Mostly at major transfer points, like UVU or the Transit Center. If a passenger pipes up that they would like to transfer to the other bus, the bus driver will usually flash the brights at the other bus driver to inform them that someone would like to transfer, and the other driver will wait. On this particular occasion, I had made no indication that I needed to transfer (because, frankly, I wasn't expecting the 832 to show up at that exact moment), so the drivers crossed paths without further comment.