Thursday, January 19, 2012


Just a clarification . . .

In the past, I may have referred to "missing a stop," or "missing the stop."  This does not mean that yesterday was not the first time I ever "missed my stop."

"Interesting.  Now try it without the quadruple negative."

"Missing a stop" means that I had no idea that I was even near where I was supposed to get off, so I got off ten blocks too early, or too late, or something of the kind.  Alternately, it means that the stop is supposed to be there but the sign is gone, as in, "It looks like the 200 is missing a stop today."

"Missing the stop" means that I knew approximately where I was supposed to get off, but I miscalculated the placement of the specific stop and either watched it go by (due to my unwillingness to pull the cord at the wrong time) or realized only in retrospect that we had passed the stop I didn't yet know I wanted twenty feet before I pulled the cord.

"Missing my stop" is something else entirely.  It means that, even though I get off at the same station every day on my way home from work, and even though I knew that I was going to have to switch trains when I got on the Green Line train in the first place, I didn't get off the train when I should have and I ended up in West Valley.

Ach.  I needed a change of scene.


  1. It's okay. At least you didn't miss your stop because you were snoring in the back [like some of my passengers]!

    1. I have fallen asleep on the bus before, but my body always seems to know when my stop is coming. If I ever sleep through my stop, I think I'll die of shame (at least, I'll never be able to live it down).

  2. When you first said you missed your stop, I thought that you meant you were experiencing feelings of nostalgia for 'your' stop. I wasn't at all surprised by the thought that you owned a stop (what could be more natural, really?) and I wasn't at all surprised that you missed it. Naturally, if you've been away from one particularly sentimentally special stop for any extended length of time, you would miss it. I never doubted you, nay, not for one second.

    1. Aurelia, or maybe it's Jubal (I'll never know for sure who's behind that avatar . . .), you know these kinds of comments just enable me, don't you?