Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Something happened to me today that has never happened to me before.  Ever.

I was coming home from work on the train, I was tired, I was reading a very interesting book, and . . .

The unthinkable happened.

I missed my stop.

I had completely forgotten I was on a Green Line train, and would therefore have to get off at 21st and switch to a Red Line (unlike the Blue Line, which goes straight on through; have I mentioned them all yet?).  Then, Little Miss Matter-of-Fact's voice said "Next Station, River Trail, 11th West," and I knew.

It took me a little longer than usual to get home today.  Ach.  I needed a change of scene.


  1. When we lived in San Jose and my dad worked in San Francisco's financial district he would often ride the train to work. (The 1.5 hour train ride was less stressful than the 1.25 hour commute - and cheaper than paying $20/day for parking in downtown SF.)

    On the way there, his stop was the last stop, so the engineer would come and politely wake him up if he happened to catch a few extra Zzzzs. However, on the way home, his stop was not the final stop - so there were more than a few times we had to drive 15 miles south to the next city and pick up a sheepish father who had napped through his stop.

  2. I think as I age this will only become a more common occurrence . . .