Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I write this blog to make other people happy.  That's not the only reason I write this blog, but it's one of them.

The other day, I apparently made a whole carful of people happy, just by existing.  That made me pretty happy.

I was headed to lunch, and as I was waiting for a crosswalk to change, a car stopped next to me.  A man leaned out the window and asked, "Hey! Are you the busninja?"

I said, "Yes," because there was really no point in not saying "yes."

He said, "Heck yeah!" and a general attitude of celebration emanated from the car for several moments.

I don't really know what to do at these moments.  I waved again and rather lamely said, "That's me!"

The crosswalk changed, and we went our separate ways.  I had to contain the dopey grin that broke out on my face.  You know.  Because people would think it was creepy if someone walked down the street with a huge dopey grin on his face.


  1. Breaking news.

    Saw a '12 bus today. Windows still aren't tinted. Hmm. But anyway, the route/destination header had its text in white! I was in awe. I really was. It was an outbound 227 around 7 pm by Valley Fair. I don't know what to make of this.

  2. White? Wow. I'll have to check that out. Too bad I live nowhere near the 227 . . . but I'm sure the '12 buses will get around soon enough.

  3. I found it odd since the first round of '12 buses that entered service had the standard blue/yellow color combo. I checked on the UTA Tracker app to see if any buses were still being "tracked" that ran along 227 today (I would guess sometimes drivers forget to turn off the GPS devices)—and sure enough, 12012 and 12015 showed up. So I guess it's this second round of '12s they're putting into service that has the white color scheme for its signs. (The first batch of '12s consists of 12001–12007.)

    Well. Maybe I'm just looking way too much into this—not that there's anything wrong with that.

  4. Look at you, being all famous and stuff.

  5. Hey that car was us..... and just so you know we love you because you say things we can't... really we can't!