Monday, February 27, 2012


The other day I was catching the 500 back from lunch.  I think it's cool that I can do that.

When I got on the 500, so did a bus driver.  In fact, he was taking over for the previous bus driver, who was just getting off shift.  Another seven or so passengers also got on.  As the relieving bus driver was getting on, I heard him say to someone at the stop, "No, you want the 200.  This is the 500."

As he was situating his possessions around the driver's seat, one of the recently boarded passengers asked him how far down State Street the bus we were on was going.  "I don't go down State Street.  You want the 200."

She was undeterred.  "But how far do you go down State Street?"

"I turn at the light.  I'm going to Salt Lake Central.  You want the 200."

At this point, a sort of general outcry arose among some others of the recently boarded passengers: "This isn't the 200?  You're not going down State Street?"

In response to which the bus driver stood at the front of the bus and addressed the congregation directly:  "This is not the 200.  This is the 500."  He held up five fingers as he said this.  "This bus does not go down State Street.  This bus goes to Salt Lake Central.  If you're going down State Street, you need the 200."

Four people immediately got off.

The driver was just about to sit down in the seat and calmly embark when a voice came from the very back of the bus: "Wait!  This bus don't go down State Street?"

The driver didn't even turn around.  "NO!  200!"  The man got off in a hurry.

Now that the bus had been reduced down to the four people who had actually intended to catch the 500, or were too scared to admit they'd been wrong, we finally headed off to Central.

When I got off at Central, I paused and said to the driver, "You're SURE this bus doesn't go down State Street?"

He laughed politely.  I bet on the inside he probably wanted to hit me.

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