Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I didn't take any pictures of the inside while I was on it, because people sometimes think it's creepy when someone gets on a bus and takes pictures of them.  They don't know the pictures are not actually of them.  But then, I don't feel like explaining, either.  So we compromise.

But I did take a picture of the outside.  No bystanders involved.

Also includes cool mountain design on the side.
The bus was fine on the inside--it appears that Gillig (the manufacturer) has abandoned the idea of forward-facing seats in favor of room for skis.  There's quite a bit of room for people and skis in the front half of the bus, in addition to actual places for your skis to sit.  And really wide back doors, so you don't end up scraping your skis across half the doorframe.  True to expectations, the bus powered right up the hill before the Transit Center--I would expect nothing less of a ski bus.  Oh, and the rear lights flash irregularly while the bus is parked.  I tried to discern a pattern between slow and fast flashes while I contemplated the bus from inside another bus at the Transit Center, but I couldn't.

So anyway, I rode an '11 ski bus.

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