Thursday, March 15, 2012


It seems like every time I cross the FrontRunner tracks outside Central someone has put up a new sign warning people about the trains.  So the other day I decided to take a picture of every single one of them.  I almost managed it.  But there were a couple of signs that were actually off the pedestrian walkway, well into the tracks, and I decided not to mess with those.

Did I mention the sun was really bright the other day?

This sign and the other like it are double-sided; they say the same thing on both sides.

It appears an enterprising local artist also contributed to the effort.

Hello, shoe

Even includes mirror!

Hopefully you read this sign while you were defacing it.

In addition to these signs, there are also the gates that come down across the road, flashing lights, and a really loud alarm (It's a B) with lots of overtones that I imagine could even cut through death metal being played on headphones (I imagine this because, of course, I never listen to death metal; also, I never use headphones in public, as it would interrupt the nearly constant stream of music already coursing  through my head at all hours of the day).

And I still saw someone running across the tracks, while the gates were down, while the alarm was blaring, in spite of all the signs, as the train was bearing down on the crossing at a much faster speed than pedestrians can attain.

At some point, it stops becoming a matter of safety procedures by UTA and starts becoming a matter of natural selection.


  1. ha ha, this just makes me laugh.

  2. Probably because of the person who got killed while crossing on his bike, while listening to headphones loudly. :(

    Unfortunately, some modes of technology end up playing a role in the naturally selective process- even if it drowns out natural instinct.

    Interesting concept, no?

  3. You speak truth. If those CAVE (citizens against virtually everything) people saw this, I bet at least one of them would see that it's a lack of common sense that causes accidents. Well, maybe one.

    1. If I can get one CAVE to cave, the world will be a better place.