Monday, March 5, 2012


Why do people get angry?  I never get angry.  Just other people.

Today I was waiting at Central to catch a bus to lunch, and the 205 pulled up.  A woman stood up and began asking the bus driver for directions with about seven people in line behind her.  I don't know where you're from, but around here, when someone does that, they understand that they are slowing everyone else down, and graciously allow people to slip past them onto the bus.

This woman was obviously not from around here, because when the first man edged past her, she said


so loudly that everyone in line behind her visibly jumped.  Needless to say, no one else edged past her onto the bus.

It turned out, as it so often does when people slow everything down to ask for directions, that the bus she needed was not the 205, and so she turned away, muttering something about "weird-ass people" getting in her way.  Once she was well clear of the bus entrance, the seven people who had been behind her in line meekly got on the bus without making a sound.

I thought to myself, really, ma'am?  You're mad about that?

I also thought to myself, she's lucky I wasn't the person who edged past her, because if she had shouted at me like that, I would have turned around and screamed



  1. So would I...I love putting people in their place. You know,'s an art form.

  2. I would have said "you're excused" and kept walking.

  3. After I posted this, I thought, am I crazy for wanting to do that? Thanks for reminding me I'm not.

  4. I would've yelled too. Seriously, who does that? I would have told her to move out of everyone's way & pointed out how rude she was being. So no, you are not crazy.

  5. Why can't everyone be nice like us? :(