Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last week, UVU had Spring Break.  Which means the 817 got to be a Gillig instead of an MCI.

For those of you not hip to today's popular bus manufacturers, this means we went from a bus like this:

to one like this:

Photos by So Cal Metro, via Flickrhivemind
Now, the Gilligs are by no means mean buses.  But the MCI's have things like reclining seats, adjustable armrests, individual (individually adjustable) air vents and reading lights, free WiFi, panoramic views out the huge front windows . . .

Hold it.  Did you just say free WiFi?

Yeah, we have it tough.  But it's hard for someone used to having free WiFi on their way home from work to suddenly not have it.  First-world problems . . .

I can understand why UTA would want to run a Gillig instead of an MCI.  Given that the following relationship almost certainly holds:

and that the following is true by observation:

you can understand why an MCI might have been considered overkill.

Most people took it in stride (I for one have certainly seen the 817 run far less glamorous buses than an '09 Gillig), but it was diverting to watch people's looks of consternation as they realized that the bus coming down the road actually was the bus they were waiting for, instead of one of the lesser buses they usually superciliously contemplate without patronizing.  We eight-seventeeners are an interesting lot.

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