Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sorry I haven't blogged in several days.  I won't be in grad school forever.  It just feels like it.

Anyway, I still have many noble intentions of visiting City Creek on my lunch hour--I just haven't yet.  I know.  For shame.  I'm hanging my head in shame right now.  I'll repent soon.  I'll take pictures.  You'll like it, I promise.

I did, however, look at different newspaper articles in print and online to see how people felt about City Creek, and I came across the following quote:

By day's end, City Creek officials predicted the center would meet or exceed the prediction of 50,000 first-day visitors, and they arrived without traffic snarls or significant delays. An indication of the day's success: 75,000 directories were handed out to visitors to help guide them through City Creek during the day.
(Deseret News: SLC Marks Triumphant Opening of City Creek, March 22)

Now, the Deseret News article specifically about the lack of traffic problems referenced the excellent parking over and over, without mentioning TRAX (Cold, DN.  Cold.)  But TRAX is mentioned in many other articles in the Deseret News and elsewhere.  You can't tell me that 75,000 directories got handed out without traffic snarls just because of the parking.

When the only new regional shopping center in 2012 opens right in the middle of a downtown and there are no "traffic snarls or significant delays," I believe it's transit . . . for the win.

Shop City Creek.  Take TRAX.

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