Saturday, March 10, 2012


I don't like daylight savings.  I know some people do.  I'm glad we can all coexist peacefully, most of the time.

I don't like daylight savings because I get up early in the morning.  All winter long, it is dark when I get up.  It is dark when I leave my house.  It is still dark by the time I get to work or school.

As spring approaches, it starts getting light earlier and earlier.  It's light by the time I get to school.  Then it's light by the time I get to work.  Then, it's even started getting light by the time I leave my house, at 6:01 in the morning.  I need that light.  I crave it.  When I see it, I feel almost human again.

And then . . .
Out of nowhere, I have to get up an hour earlier.  No more light in the morning.  No more sunshine and joy.  I have to wait another month or so before I can see light when I leave for the day (forget about seeing light when I get up).  It's like being really hungry for something, ordering it, seeing it on a plate in front of you, then having it taken away from you and being told you need to sit through a three-hour seminar before you can eat it.

No soup for you!
I know what people say: daylight savings saves energy, it's better for the economy, blah blah blah.  I'm pretty sure when those people went to college, they didn't have class before 10:00, if they went to class at all.


  1. I HATE daylight savings. Why do we still need this? There are states that don't even bother. I want my state to quit daylight savings.

    1. I was born in Arizona--some days I want to move back for that reason alone . . .