Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The other day I caught the 228 Outbound on 4500 South. It was right on time. You all know what that means -- mad props to the driver.

As we were pulling into the TRAX station, it became necessary for the 228 to pass the 205, which was waiting in its assigned location.

I say was, because as soon as the 228 got up close to the 205, the 205 started pulling out. Weird, that one bus could sneak up on another. But, I guess it happens.

The 228 driver, seeing this, honked sharply. The 205 in front of us came to an abrupt halt. But it was already too far in front of us to back up without our also having to back up. So, in the end, the 205 still pulled out in front of us.

As the 205 was pulling away, someone called out, "Nice save!" The 228 driver shrugged.

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