Monday, April 30, 2012


This morning, when I left my apartment, I headed straight for the laundry room.  This was because I thought I may have left my sunglasses there on Saturday, when I was doing laundry.  They weren't there.

As I was preparing to exit my apartment complex in quest of the bus stop, I realized that I hadn't packed anything for lunch.  I headed back to my apartment to quickly grab some bars in wrappers so that I could still make the bus in time for work.

I made it all the way to the bus stop.  I saw the characteristic pattern of red-in-the-front-with-one-white-stripe that signifies a UTA bus '02 or newer.  And I realized I didn't have my bus pass.

I was strangely unangry with myself as I headed back home.  When I opened the door for the fifth time that morning, commutergirl asked me, "Are you having a bad morning?"

I said, "I'll keep trying until I get it right."

I usually allow myself ten minutes to walk from my front door to the bus stop.  But I made it from the bus stop to my front door and back in time to see the red-in-the-front-with-one-white-stripe of the bus after the one I had been planning to catch bearing down the road toward me.  I walk faster than I thought I did.

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