Thursday, May 3, 2012

ABOUT THE '12'S . . .

. . . not sure if I am a fan.

See, when I sit on an '07, it looks like this:

And when I sit on an '09 or a '10 (as they are exactly the same on the inside):

But when I sit on a '12:

I waited several days before taking this picture, as I was trying to wear the same pants in all three pictures.  You should always try to control as many variables as you can.

Now, I'm no stranger to lack of leg room--I'm 6'3", I served a mission in Perú, and I haven't been allowed to play in the ball pit of McDonald's (r) since I was about six.

Nevertheless, when the . . . ample person in front of me pushes the seat backwards as they exit, I'd rather it not come crunching down on my knees.  Ouch.


  1. Hmm. I haven't noticed this. So, this means the seats in '12s aren't as spread out as '09s/'10s. Are there additional rows of seats in '12s?

    Also, as you've presumably noticed, '11 ski buses have been running on regular routes ever since change day. Do you know why? I can't remember if the UTA has done this in years past.

    1. I studied the '12's carefully . . . and it looks like the wheelchair area has an extra side-facing seat in the front on both sides. Instead of taking a forward-facing seat out, they just put them closer together.

      As far as the '11's go, I didn't know that wasn't general practice in Salt Lake; they put ski buses out on regular routes in the off-season pretty often in Utah County. My guess would be that they're giving some of the '99's and '01's a rest, as I haven't seen as many of those around lately. I don't know for sure, though.

    2. Update: the bus bridge from Arena to Salt Lake Central was all '99's and '01's today.

  2. Interesting. At least they are not as bad as school bus leg room. Most of the older styles have more leg room it seems like. Older TRAX trains seem to have more. For those of us who liked the leg room, I loved the Comet cars on FrontRunner.

    1. Pretty sure I would need a seat to myself on a school bus . . .