Thursday, May 31, 2012


I had another mission flashback today.

I was walking to a TRAX Station after work today, and something felt distinctly odd underfoot.  I couldn't quite place it (I've been wrong about this before).  When I got to the platform, I looked down, and -- lo and behold -- my shoe was broken!

When I got on the train, I stuck my finger through the hole to make sure it was really there.

No, the train is not carpeted.  I took a picture when I got home.
Wow.  That hasn't happened to me regularly since my mission.  I still remember when I got these shoes.  It was in December of 2010: I had just gotten out of my Differential Equations final (may it rest in peace . . . ), and I was on my way to play the piano for a Messiah sing-along at the Orem Community Library.  I had to budget my time carefully during my DiffEq final, so as to have enough time to buy shoes at the mall in between.  I remember it was right after Change Day, because the 850 schedule had changed considerably and I had to look at the Transit Center to make sure I wasn't about to miss one.  Why was I buying shoes at such a time?  Well, I had given a lot of my clothing away earlier that week (I was feeling unusually charitable), and I realized the day of the sing-along that I had no black shoes.  So I bought some.  I was young and single then.  I had money to burn.  Something like that.

Oh well.  I guess I can take advantage of the fact that I live in a first-world country, and have enough money to replace them, and replace them.

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