Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The other day, I stepped out my front door on my way to work.  This happens at some point every time I go to work.  But on this day, it seemed the sun was shining a little brighter; the sky was bluer, the mountains stood more majestically, trees swayed soothingly in a gentle breeze, the birds outdid themselves with happier songs than they had sung in quite some time.  As I sat on the TRAX train, which was humming along unusually happily, on my way into town, I wondered if it were all in my head.

Then I got to work and my best suspicions were confirmed.  I read this article:


Now, I know that "starting to think," "maybe," and "begins look" are far from promises, but it's extremely promising to know that UTA is even starting to think about restoring/adding bus service.  The past ten years have seen an awful lot of consolidation or elimination of bus service; even when it was done in exchange for cool new trains (and I love the trains), it meant that the bus didn't run as late, or as often, or to as many places.  Some of this was justified--some of those buses were always empty!  But it would be nice to get some of it back, or have service added in places that really really need it.  It's so good to hear that it's even on the table.

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