Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Some of us are just not ambi-turners, I guess.

One look?  ONE LOOK?
Not being able to turn left on a fashion runway is one thing; not being able to turn left onto 300 West is quite another.

Yesterday I thought I'd try out the bus bridge between Central and Arena, in case anyone asks me about it.  All was fun and games until we got to the light at 200 South and 300 West.  I am still not sure why the driver of the car at the front of the turn lane didn't turn left.  But the fact remains that he didn't.  We sat in that turn lane for two complete cycles (a cycle being the amount of time it takes the traffic light to "cycle" through every green, yellow, and red light in every direction).  And I happen to know, since my Traffic Simulation term project last semester involved this intersection, that the cycle length is 120 seconds at 200 South and 300 West in Salt Lake City.  So we sat there for at least four minutes.  Keep in mind also that the people on this bus were ostensibly TRAX passengers, and therefore unaccustomed to waiting, ever; you can imagine that the general mood on the bus at this moment was somewhat less than jovial.

During the previous two cycles, all the other cars in the turn lane had left it in the attempt to get somewhere, so when the third green light started, the bus was directly behind the offending vehicle.  When it became apparent that the driver was not going to move this time, either, the bus driver started sounding the horn.


and didn't stop.


People on the bus began looking at each other in amazement.


Amazement turned to delight.


Finally, after about twenty-five seconds of horn, the car in front of us put on its right blinker, pulled into the through-traffic lane, and left the intersection.


A few seconds later, we made the turn. All the passengers on the bus started applauding.  About five minutes after I would have gotten there by walking, we made it to Arena.

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  1. I guess that driver fell asleep, eh? Or maybe he/she was busy playing Angry Birds or checking email. Or something. "Hey, Buddy, Wake up! There's a big mean bus in your rear view mirror!!" Ha. As they say, all's well that ends well.