Saturday, May 5, 2012


The other day, rather early in the morning, I was walking to the bus stop.  As I was approaching the bus stop, a very old and decrepit pickup truck turned left onto State Street (that's how you know it was rather early in the morning).  The truck had been making lots of rattling and squeaking noises all the way down the road, but as it turned onto State it went over a dip, and with a very loud boom, the tailgate fell off onto the street.

I raised my hand feebly to try to signal to the driver of the very old and decrepit pickup truck that thetailgate was now detached from the rest of his vehicle, but it was too late and too dark for any physical gestures I made to have had any impact.  The truck was also far too loud for me to have shouted over it, especially considering it was probably the first noise I made with my vocal chords that day (always an iffy proposition).

So, the tailgate just stayed sitting there.  When the 200 came down State Street, it ran over the tailgate.  Boom.

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