Friday, June 15, 2012


commutergirl told me to do a post about Sheldon's bus pants.  The following should suffice to educate the uninitiate:

(Sorry, embedding was disabled for this clip, and this is definitely the best clip on YouTube of the situation I am trying to portray.  Click on it.)

 Now, I do not mean to imply with this video that anyone of necessity should wear bus pants when riding the bus--buses are, in general, quite clean around here.  Nor do I mean, necessarily, that the only reason one should avail oneself of public transportation is that one is completely without recourse, or that one has offended all one's friends to the point that they are no longer willing to provide transportation (for me, part of the whole point was not relying on others for my transportation).

"Incidentally, one can get beat up in school simply by referring to oneself as 'one.'"

Nevertheless, there are days when a good pair of bus pants would certainly come in handy . . .

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