Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have it.

I like MCI's.  I do.  They are very nice.  They give you the internet.  They ride so smooth over all the bumps caused by freeway construction.  They have reclining seats.

It's just that, whenever I sit on an MCI, and it doesn't matter where, the person in front of me is always the only person I can see who suddenly decides to recline their seat.  And they never check to see if it's okay first.

Since I have recently been in the habit of not regularly going to Provo, I have gotten out of practice at figuring out when the person in front of me is going to suddenly recline their seat.  In fairness, though, the last two times have been rather difficult cases.

Taking the 801 down to Provo this week: I take a seat with no one in front of it.  I settle down and begin reading my long book.  A couple of stops later, dude gets on, chatting on cell phone.  Sits down and immediately, almost in the same motion, reclines the seat all the way back.  BAM! WHAM! Crunched knees.

Taking the 801 back to Salt Lake the next day: I take a seat behind a woman who is sitting in the aisle seat with a pile of stuff on the window seat.  I figure the pile of stuff will not need a reclined seat, so I am safe.  Nope.  She was actually saving the seat for someone else, who, when she got on, also immediately reclined the seat backward onto my -- BAM! WHAM! -- crunched knees.

The next time you take a seat on an MCI and recline the seat back and someone behind you shouts


it's not because I hate you.  I just wish you would check first so I could get out of the way.

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