Saturday, June 2, 2012


I really should find this kind of thing sooner.

I was dinking around on the internet yesterday and I found this blog post from last year.  I'd like to share a couple of quotes from it:

" . . . residents take great advantage of the system; despite ranking No. 43 in terms of population, the city was No. 18 in terms of passenger miles traveled in 2008."


  " While detractors continue to mourn the 'misuse' of funds to 'subsidize' transit, the fact is this type of investment by UTA and state and federal agencies is spurring private development investment all along the ever-expanding transit system, from Ogden to Provo."

Haters gonna hate.  But transit around here is only going to get better.  And the better it gets, the less people are going to hate it, and the more people are going to . . . just take it.

Stick around, you'll see what I mean. 

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