Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The other day on the train, I sat down next to a group of teenagers, and I'm pretty sure one of them was actually me.

The evidence?

Teen 1: Yeah, I already got some information.
Teen 2: About who?
Teen 3: About WHOM?


Teen 1 or 2:  We will, as soon as we get off this trolley or whatever it is.
Teen 3: Dude, it's called light rail.

You decide.  But seriously, the last time I met a teenager this anal-retentive, it was me.


  1. I'm not even joking, this was me. I was downtown for the day, riding around with my friends on TRAX. The friend I was correcting about light rail had tried trolley (uh, no), train (that's the FrontRunner. We rode that down here.), bus (honestly, now.) and lastly, caboose. I naturally had to correct him.

  2. I support you in your desire to educate others. And your taste in blogs!