Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The other day I was waiting for the 205 at 400 South, 500 East, for reasons that are entirely my own.

As I was waiting, a Coca-Cola truck pulled up and parked next to a convenience store, almost, but not quite, covering up the bus stop, but completely blocking my view of oncoming traffic.

Although I did not know exactly at what time the 205 would arrive, my mysterious sense of when the bus comes told me that it would be soon.

(No, seriously, though, I can tell when the bus is about to come.  I was trying to get from Rose Park to downtown one day, and having seen both the 519 and 520 pass me by as I was walking to the bus stop, I decided to idly saunter down the route until I could suddenly tell the 519 was about to come and I should stop walking at the next stop.  Sure enough, the 519 came around the corner less than two minutes later.  Marveling at my newfound power, I enjoyed a pleasant ride through the entire neighborhood, going the wrong way, and ended up in downtown 45 minutes later, which wasn't an issue, since I wasn't really in a hurry.  But really, mysterious sense.)

My sense of when the bus was going to come was accurate, but my sense of what type of bus to look for has been horribly thrown off lately by the fact that different buses have been coming out of different garages lately (I promise I will explain this later; probably tomorrow, since I've now placed the burning question in your minds).  When the bus came, the writing on the front was the wrong color.  I was expecting the blue writing on the front screen from an '09 or a '10 or a '12, but instead I got an '07, which has "incandescent" colored writing on the front.  I almost didn't recognize it until it was too late.  I almost didn't stand up in time.  The bus driver almost didn't see me.

Because of the combination of my standing up quickly and his hurried braking to a stop, I like to think that a moment of understanding passed between the driver and I as I got on the bus.  He certainly didn't act cross with me for not being readily visible.  Nor was I particularly cross with me for not having seen me from a distance.  We both did the best we could under the circumstances.  And anyway, the writing was the wrong color.


  1. Hold on. Aren't buses out of Central Garage usually '07s and '99s? Because I rarely see routes like 9, 11, 17, 500, 517, 519, 520 run the newer Gillig BRTs ('09–'12). Or are you talking about a different route?

    Also. Did you hear that the UTA is ordering 101 new CNG buses in the next three years, starting with ten in 2013? And that sixty-foot articulated bus rapid transit buses are also in the plans? That's pretty neat that we're seeing the return of articulated buses. I wonder if those '13 CNG buses will be Gilligs.

    I found that information for the environmental assessment of the new Central Garage that the UTA wants to build. You can find that under the UTA Projects tab of the UTA website.

  2. This actually was a 205 that was an '07. Hence my disorientation. I really do know why this is; hopefully I have time to post about it tomorrow.

    I'm interested to hear about the new buses, too. I'll have to read the EA one of these days. Thanks for the heads up!