Saturday, July 14, 2012


The other day I was coming home from work on the Green Line. We stopped at Courthouse, and masses of people got on (no, really; masses). As the doors began making the beeping sound they make when they are about to close, a man came sprinting up to the train, as people so often will.

You guys do know the train comes every fifteen minutes, riiiiiiiiiight? Missing it is not exactly the end of the world . . .

Anyway, he got to the train, and when he got on it, he apparently tripped, judging by the sound of things falling that was subsequently heard in the proximity of the train door in question. Whereupon the man let out a series of repeated, animal cries


such that I was certain he had lost one of his limbs in the incident. I was not alone. All the people around me were craning their necks, and, though it was too crowded to see the door (Check it--the Green Line was crowded), we were able to ascertain more or less what had happened due to subsequent conversation in the vicinity of the door.

Fortunately for the man in question (and for everyone else, really), no body parts were lost or harmed. While I never figured out exactly what had dropped, it was some sort of an electronic device--a laptop, or an iPod, or something. Comments were proffered and accepted about the durability of new-fangled electronic equipment, the device was turned on and appeared to function normally, a feeling of general relief spread through the car, and the Green Line continued whizzing (okay, sauntering) down 200 West.

Dude. Don't scream like that.

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