Friday, August 17, 2012


So.  I went to the public hearing in South Jordan last night.  Based on the uproar that happened earlier this year when UTA changed the kind of buses the 347 used (see this post for an analogous, if temporary, situation), I was hoping to maybe see some decent suburban carnage about the 347 not going straight to downtown anymore.  I didn't see that.  Which may be for the best.

I did see a lot of planners, though.  I chatted amiably with them.  I asked them some questions.  I think I made them nervous.  Some of their comments toward me ranged from "So, are you here to find stuff to write about on your blog?" to "So YOU'RE the busninja . . . " to "Please be nice to the planners."  I would like to set this matter to rest once and for all.

Planners have a thankless job--they have to make tough calls based on considerations that are entirely out of their control, then defend those decisions to members of the public who are far snarkier, and somewhat less charming, than I am.  So be nice to them.  Because I heart them.  That is all.

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