Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Tomorrow I will make a longer than usual bus trip.  Longer than usual, for me, is about three hours.

I am going to a bachelor party!  Who knows what will happen.  I've always said Mormons don't need alcohol . . .

Tomorrow I am going to take the 801 all the way from downtown Salt Lake to the Timp Transit Center.  Then I am going to take the 833 all the way.  ALL the way.  I can just imagine my friends texting me: "Where are you?"  "I'm in Orem.  I'll be about 40 minutes."  Their heads will explode, because they have no concept of it taking me 40 minutes to get from the Transit Center to my friend's house in Provo.

In a few months, this trip will be so much shorter.  I'll get off FrontRunner in Orem, then catch the 833 in a straight line directly to my friend's house.  It's seriously going to take less than half as long.

All I can say is, somebody else better get married next year.  'Cause I may make this trip again next year just to feel the difference.

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  1. Stay tuned for more riveting posts about your favorite Utah County bus routes; also, the next installment of THE DEALERSHIP. Probably not tomorrow, though. I'll be going crazy in Provo . . .