Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Last December, something rather odd happened.

The 811, which has, for years, gone down State Street between 12300 South and the Sandy Civic Center TRAX Station at 10000/9800 South, stopping all up and down the road, stopped stopping at all the stops on State Street; now it only stops at 12300 South and at the TRAX Station.  All the old stops are still there, but now the 201 stops at them instead of the 811.  Which means, in case you got lost in the middle of all those times I said "stop" (Stop!) that now the 811 goes past a lot of bus stops without stopping at them.

This doesn't always work.

The other day, someone got on the 811 at 12300 South, which was perfectly legitimate.  But then he pulled the cord to try to get off at 10200 South.  Uh-oh.  The stop at 10200 South came and went.  The concerned passenger came forward and began to remonstrate with the driver.  "I needed that stop!"  "I don't stop there."  "Yes you do, there's a sign right there."  "I don't stop at that stop."  "Did you see the sign?"

Obviously, our friend is not a regular 811 rider, for which he may be excused.  It can be very confusing to see a bus stop sign go past, then be told that the bus you're on doesn't stop there.  And it can be annoying to walk further than you originally thought you had to.

Then, two days later, I was on the 811 rather late, after the 201 had stopped running.  Someone was waiting at a 201 stop, and the driver of the 811 stopped to let them on.  Someone behind me said, rather punctiliously, "That's not an 811 stop."  I told her it was a courtesy stop, since the 201 had already stopped running, and she was placated.  Damned if you do . . .

Hopefully, next year when the Draper TRAX extension opens, the 201 and the 811 will both stop at the 12300 South station, thus eliminating the need for one route to skip all the stops that the other route stops at, with its attendant inconvenience and confusion.  We'll see.  Until then, you've all been warned--don't mix up 201 stops and 811 stops!

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