Thursday, September 6, 2012


The pedestrian tunnel is open!


The one at UVU!  At least, the part of it that goes under College Drive is open.  I know that much, because when everybody got off the bus today, they went through it.  But it looks like the other part is open, too.

This is a big deal (as I've mentioned before)--it means you no longer have to cross University Parkway to get places from the UVU bus stop.  Up to this point, the pedestrian environment at University Pkwy. and Sandhill Rd. has been quite inhospitable, and the addition of a sort-of continuous flow intersection doesn't help (CFI's are pretty good for cars, as far as I can tell, and have studied; they are a chore-and-a-half to cross on foot).  It also looks like you can enter 1200 South now from the west side of campus, which you couldn't before; among other things, this means that a bus could come from the west side of campus and stop near the roundabout without looping all the freaking way through campus, like the 862 does now, and the 831 is proposed to in December.

I doubt I'll have time to experience the pedestrian tunnel anytime soon, but if you're in the area, try it out.  Enjoy the feeling of not having to wait for cars!


  1. You'll be tickled pink to see what I found at the bookstore at the U. (Don't worry. The link just takes you to an image hosted on Blogger/Google.)

    There are loads of these. I mean, loads.

  2. Old 816 schedules??? What on earth? What were they doing there? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they were a marvelous addition to the decor . . . but they're blue . . .

  3. Yup. Just sitting innocently between the 811 and the 817 schedules, waiting for some hapless person to pick it up and trek down to 10000 South late at night... only to find no bus.

    I talked to the UTA via Twitter to let them know. As much I liked the novelty of a whole stack of schedules for a defunct route in the middle of the bookstore, I'd hate to have anyone get in the awkward aforesaid circumstance. The social media rep was pretty bewildered. I don't blame her.

  4. I'm not too worried . . . the most people I ever saw on the 816 was 9, and that was when I was traveling with four other people. The likelihood of someone randomly up and deciding to take the 816, who did not also have sufficient knowledge of the bus system to know that the 816 went kaput a while ago, are, in my opinion, quite small. All the same, there are crazy people out there like me, who might just be new to the area, or something. Best to avoid the potential aggravation . . .