Saturday, October 20, 2012


Yesterday morning, I got on the 200 to go to work, as I so often do.  Everything seemed normal as the bus pulled up and opened the door.  Until I got on and . . .

I'm pretty sure I accidentally got on the Frauenpowerbus.

Images of the Frauenpowerbahn in Schwerin, Germany.  I could not find bigger pictures.

See, usually when you get on the 200 inbound before about 7:00 a.m., you get a lot of construction workers, groundskeepers, custodians, and the like; for whatever reason, the crowd tends to be mostly male.  Except yesterday, when I got on the bus, I was the only man.  And I remained the only man on the bus for over twenty blocks.  Not that other people didn't get on after me, mind you; they were just all women.

And I was like,


didn't mean to mess up your bus.

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