Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I was chatting with one of my friends about buses yesterday (translation: he asked me a question about buses and then listened patiently while I ranted for a while), and the subject came up, as it so often does these days, of the much-lamented cancelled BYU Ed-Pass.

After I had discoursed on it for a while, my friend said, "BYU has kind of dug itself into a transit hole, hasn't it?"

And I thought, my, isn't that a good way to put it.  A transit hole.  Good luck getting out.


  1. http://www.rideuta.com/mc/?page=UTA-Home-DecemberRouteChanges

    Yeah. So a few disheartening things:
    — TRAX will begin service later on Saturdays and end earlier on Sundays.
    — FrontRunner will run every ninety minutes on Saturdays.
    — The 832 will run every ninety minutes on Saturdays.
    — The 853 has been reduced from thirty trips to sixteen trips.
    — The new rail map. Well. It's a little cluttered, to say the least.

    They fail to mention anything about the 506, the 510, the 512, or the 550. So, I don't know. I didn't think we'd see such a loss in service.

  2. Sounds like we'll keep the 519, 520, and 550 the way they are for now. Which is good for the two-eighteeners. I wouldn't be surprised to see the 506/510/512 thing still happen when the Airport line opens; proposed routes that don't happen have this way of coming back later (*cough* 509 *cough*).

    90-minute headways annoy me. I hope this FrontRunner deal is a temporary thing. Alas, some cities' commuter rail runs even less often on Saturdays. So it might stick around for a while. The 832 must really be sagging these days to go down to 90 minutes on Saturdays. The 831 is still going to be every 60 minutes; what is the world coming to?

    I'm not too torn up about the 853 thing. It's a brand new route; it'll probably take a little bit of time to catch on (especially since Adobe is opening a month before FrontRunner does; what's up with that? "Yeah, you can work here, but you have to drive for the first month.").

    I'm also intrigued that, now that FrontRunner will be coming to Central from both directions, supposedly carrying twice as many people, there will be half as many TRAX trains leaving from Central. I hope both FrontRunner trains don't arrive at about the same time, or we'll have people hanging on the outsides of the Blue Line train cars. I'll be interested to see how it shakes out.

  3. The FrontRunner thing is unfortunate. Trains were decently full the few times I've taken it down from Ogden to Salt Lake on a Saturday. I can see people contemplating taking the train from Utah, Davis or Weber counties down to Salt Lake for the day, seeing that the next train comes in eighty minutes, and giving up and driving down instead. Hmm.

    And yeah. Looks like the Blue Line will be operating at crush loads from Central Station to the city center if that's how things pan out. I think the UTA's banking on some people transferring to something like the 500. Or the 209. Or the 3 or 6. I doubt that strategy will be all too successful, but we'll see.