Monday, November 5, 2012


Okay, okay, it wasn't actually about FrontRunner.  But it included FrontRunner.  It was a fine testimony, if I do say so myself.


  1. I wish I were part of a ward that included such testimonies.

    Also, change day schedules are... well, not quite released. But you can look at them anyway; e.g.:

    (Simply change the route number in the URL for different routes.)

    A "signup" of 122 is used for current schedules; 124 is used for December 2012 schedules. Pretty shocking, actually, how badly service suffers in Salt Lake County.

    1. This is a level of UTA stalking even I didn't know about . . . until now.

  2. Ach, but I'm being a pessimist. FrontRunner to Utah County! Pretty darn good night service on the 830, too!

    1. Looks like lots of hour headways on FrontRunner now . . . I guess that's all right. It's sure better than no FrontRunner at all . . . speaking from the Utah County perspective.
      I see a few bus trips gone from Salt Lake, though not as many as I feared. I'm delighted to see an 830 trip each way after 11:00 p.m. And more Utah County routes starting at 5:00 a.m., too! I figured night service was just going away, but it looks like they've put some of it back in at the start of the day--we'll see how that goes . . .

  3. Ha, well. I just noticed that certain part of the URL goes up every change day. Allllright. I think I'll share some thoughts.
    — Some cuts to service are just breathtaking. The first 17 to the U leaves Central Pointe at 7:45 am. How that is okay is beyond me. (Oh, it looks like the 17's updated schedule was mysteriously taken down. Maybe that was a mistake.) The last outbound 3 leaves Central Station at 4:58 pm, which is also pretty pathetic. The 39 continues to lose night service, with the last outbound 39 leaving at 8:30 pm. The 227 loses eleven trips in total from its weekday service. Those are just the more extreme instances. Most routes that have some semblance of night service lose a good chunk of it.
    — The new 209 schedule is interesting. It stays pretty much the same, except buses leave every 15 minutes from Fashion Place West to downtown until 7:37 pm. That's good and all, but I wish that improvement in service was really placed in outbound routes—fifteen-minute service ends at 6:19 pm from the downtown EOL.
    — The 223... it remains the same. Three cheers for the 223.
    — I find it just wonderful that one can take the 11:07 pm Red Line from Stadium, get to Murray Central at 11:37 pm, and catch the last FrontRunner to Provo at 11:47 pm.
    — Going along with that, the last FrontRunner leaves Provo for Salt Lake at midnight on Saturdays. That, too, is wonderful.
    — The 830 having an 11 pm run both directions is great, but it doesn't connect to any FrontRunner trains at both EOLs. Conversely, there is no 830 to connect to the last FrontRunner to Salt Lake on Saturdays. Oh well.
    — I like the one 809 trip to UVU. Good idea.
    — Did you notice the Green Line's timetables include the airport extension? That's probably a mistake, but pretty interesting to see ahead of time.