Saturday, November 3, 2012


So, if you've been looking carefully lately, you might have noticed that the number font on some of the bus stop signs around Provo is changing.  Look closely.  It's a subtle change.

I fully recognize that no one else, including probably the person who is changing the signs, notices this.

If you didn't notice the numbers, you might notice that suddenly some of the signs have a lot more text on them than they did before, and they say "FrontRunner."

I fully recognize that no one else actually reads the text on the signs, either.

This is, of course, because all the bus routes are changing in Utah County next month; while FrontRunner is not open yet (oh, you'll all hear more about that, you can be sure . . .), if I were the person who had to change all the signs, I'd want to get a head start on it, too.

It appears that, rather than naming the routes, the signs will now be more descriptive of where the bus is going.  The 831, for example, used to say:


Now it says:

Orem FrontRunner 
Grandview, 7 Peaks/
Provo FrontRunner 

which is nice and all, but if it's all right with everyone, I think I'll just stick with "The 831" for now.

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