Thursday, November 15, 2012


#10  Because Trains are Wicked Cool

So, I originally planned on doing this for the actual ten days before FrontRunner opens, but at the rate I've been posting lately, I've decided I'd better get started now (3 more weeks of class, 3 more weeks of class, 3 more weeks of class . . .)  Also, this is post #599, and I won't be able to put my brilliant idea for the 600th post extravaganza into effect until next year, so I'll do this instead.

Whenever I get around to it, the fact remains that, while most people who use FrontRunner, or will use it, use it to travel from one place to another, there are other reasons that someone might want to ride it, even if they don't have to go anywhere (this sentence contains, as of the end of this parenthetical statement, eight commas).  Which brings me to today's topic:

#10  Because Trains are Wicked Cool
It's worth saying twice, because, honestly, they are.  Throughout my ninja experience, I've observed examples of people who think trains are awesome, even if they find the idea of riding a bus absolutely unconscionable, and say so while on the train (sorry; only three commas).   I've talked to people on both sides of the Point of the Mountain who are excited about traveling to the other side.  Pretty much every time I bring up the fact that trains will soon go to the Airport, BYU students get excited.

What's more, trains are wicked cool for economic development.  Salt Lake has a pretty good bus system, if I do say so myself, but I've never heard of anyone building a hospital, or apartments, or the only major regional shopping center to open in the United States in 2012 (all those terms are defined somewhere), or a billion dollars worth of development in Sugar House so that it could be close to a bus line.  Trains are pretty permanent, compared to buses.  And they move a lot more people.  Trains are good for the economy.

Trains are mostly immune to traffic.  Trains are mostly immune to weather.  Even when FrontRunner takes slightly longer than driving I-15 (when conditions are good on I-15), you have all that time to use on other things instead of driving.  And when the weather's bad, and it's rush hour, FrontRunner might be three or five or even fifteen minutes behind, but not forty-five minutes or an hour and a half (I have been an hour and a half late to engagements in Salt Lake before due to the weather; on one of these occasions, we gave up and took TRAX from 4500 South, which was only about three minutes behind).  And it's so much more relaxing to watch the scenery go by out a window than to spend the whole time making sure you're not too close to the tail lights in front of you.  Just sayin'.

So, yeah, even if you don't technically have to go anywhere, you should still definitely take FrontRunner for a spin.  Trains are wicked cool.

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  1. It is always fun to see the kids on FrontRunner and remind us of how much trains make us all happy. I loved being able to take my nephew on the train and now he mentions it frequently.

    December is also a great time to open, get a group pass with a group of four and go down to see all the holiday events downtown.