Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In related news, you're not dead!  Please move on!

P.S. I WILL finish the top ten list soon, but it's finals week.  Sorry.  Don't hate.


  1. Gotta share a few brief impressions (because, as you say, it's finals week):

    — I find it quite interesting that the 811 now runs all MCIs all the time.
    — The 501, the Downtown Shuttle, is some mystery route that UTA never ever told anyone about. It shows up under the schedules on the website, but if you click on it you're basically 404'd. It certainly runs, as verified by my UTA Tracker app on my phone. And you can see its schedule by going to another route's schedule and changing the route number in the URL. Wow. Talk about abstruse.
    — The 1:13 am Saturday departure from Provo to Salt Lake shows up online, of course, but not in the printed schedules. Awkward.

    I've got more thoughts, but... FINALS. Must. Focus. Best of luck with them.

    1. I too, have only seen MCI's on the 811. I rode the 811 last Thursday at about 1:30 p.m. and it wasn't empty, but it sure wasn't a clown car, either. It was actually quite nice and calm, compared to what the 811 used to be like in the middle of the day.

      I saw what must have been the 501 Thursday afternoon. It pulled up to the bus stop at Central and said "Shuttle" but no route number. It's weird that the schedule is not published, but not unheard-of: I once saw on the website routes F103 and F503, both with the title "Flextrans." When I clicked on them, there was a schedule with two or three departures all day. I finally figured out they must be paratransit routes. I think they were published by mistake, because they were taken down shortly thereafter and have not reappeared. I'm not sure why the 501 isn't published, though. Maybe so UTA can only run it if they feel like it? Nobody got on it when I saw it at Central . . .

      I was chatting with the FrontRunner driver for a few minutes on the platform at Provo last Monday (the trains sit for 54 minutes! at that end before turning back around) and he told me he was the driver of the 1:13 a.m. trip on Saturdays and that, yes, it is definitely a live trip, so I'm not sure why it's not on the schedule. He also confirmed that the last train of the night on weekdays stays in Provo, so that explains why no 12:43 a.m. departure.

      Hope finals went well. I've been sleeping a lot, personally.

    2. One other thing I forgot. I also saw MCI's on the 853. Just in passing; I didn't see if it was full or not. I guess they've gotta put all those MCI's somewhere . . .

  2. Yeah, it looks like MCIs are being utilized on all the FrontRunner connector routes that replaced the Salt Lake expresses, as well as the 811 and 853. I don't know how to feel about that. I can't imagine that the routes are seeing terrific ridership (but that's pure assumption), but I guess UTA has to do something to entice people to ride the connectors.

    I'm at a loss as to why UTA is running the 501 like that. I mean, its route is actually quite handy for the old Salt Lake expressers. East on 200 South, north on State Street, west on North Temple to the new FrontRunner station. Well, I guess it's actually quite redundant considering a whole host of routes serve those streets. I guess it'd be useful if FrontRunner were late coming into Salt Lake; the shuttle could be deployed right as the train arrives to get people where they need to be in a timely manner. Hmm. It'd be nice to know for sure what the 501 is all about.

    The 853, for being a route designed to shuttle people between FrontRunner and employment centers off of SR-92, actually has quite mediocre connections to FrontRunner in the afternoon and evenings. Considering that north- and southbound trains pass through Lehi a minute apart, you'd think that connections could be optimized to their full extent in that situation. But I suppose not.

    I guess I'm glad to hear that 1:13 am departure is the real deal, even if I will never use it. I will be using that 10:57 pm weekday trip out of Provo with hopes of connecting to the 11:48 pm Red Line to Central Pointe at Murray. I'll have four minutes to make that connection. If FrontRunner is at all late... Well, I don't want to think about that.

    UTA accidentally included the Green Line extension to the airport in the data it sent to Google. Observe: http://goo.gl/maps/5A9d8

    Uh... I think that's it. Oh, nine out of ten buses on the 209 are '01s. Bottom of the bucket? Quite.

    Also, as it's almost 2013, we're getting closer to the '13 natural gas buses. What if they look like this? http://www.flickr.com/photos/krislonga/7154357602/

    (The obvious answer is that everyone will marvel at the natural gas technology being utilized and daily bus ridership will triple. Obviously.)