Tuesday, December 18, 2012


For better or worse, BYU has been a major part of my life for 8 of the last 9-and-a-half years.  I have had many good experiences, and some experiences that made my soul want to escape from my body.  In order to deal with the shock of leaving BYU so suddenly after all this time, I have compiled a few of the things I will, and won't, miss about BYU.  That way I can refer to it when I feel the void in my life that school has occupied for so long.  Hopefully you also enjoy it.

WILL.  The Fine Arts Building.  The pianos everywhere.  The huge Christmas trees in the lobby.  The nerds everywhere.  Giving people directions and watching their eyes bulge when they realize they have to go up stairs, then back down stairs just to stay on the same floor.  Giving people extremely specific directions to walk around the balcony and stay on the same floor, then watching them immediately take the stairs.  Maybe I'm a jerk; such things amuse me.  The sound of heavenly choir music wafting throughout the building in the afternoons.  The sound of a saxophone quartet playing "I Feel Pretty" as you walk down the hall.  BYU's Fine Arts Building is its own fascinating, blog-worthy microcosm of the world at large.  I spent way too much time in the Fine Arts Building not to miss it at least a little bit.

WON'T.  The Math Building.  Some people have fond memories of the Math Building, I'm sure; I see it as a squat, dim, dank, poorly ventilated monument to the deliberate oppression and confusion of students.  I don't plan on philosophizing about mathematics for the remainder of my career, and if I did, I certainly wouldn't plan on doing it in a place without windows.

WILL.  The beautiful people.  It is a widely acknowledged fact that BYU has the most beautiful people.  If you disagree, you probably haven't been there and seen it.  BYU and its younger siblings are the only universities I know of where students are incentivized to take care of their appearance.  And it shows: you have a campus full of well put-together, clean-cut, fashionably dressed, fit people that astonishes visitors (one guest speaker, after her remarks were concluded, stopped and said: "I just have to say, you are all so BEAUTIFUL!  I've never seen so many beautiful people before!").  It sure doesn't hurt that those are the people you have to see every day.

WON'T.  Shaving.  Now, I'm not planning on getting all beardy all of a sudden (except right now, on vacation; commutergirl gave me permission).  But my facial hair grows fast, and I could never get away with not shaving.  At least now the Testing Center is not as strict as it used to be; I used to have to shave in the morning, go to class, come back home, shave again, then go take my test with a bleeding face because by 7:00 p.m. the Testing Center wouldn't believe that I had already shaved.  I'm sorry I got blood on the scantrons.  I won't miss shaving every day.

WILL.  The question on the end-of-course evaluations about how much time spent in class was productive to your learning.  For whatever reason, answering this question always gave me such a feeling of power.  Haha!  Only 20% of my time in this class was productive!  0% of my time was productive!  Take that!

WILL.  The question on the end-of-course evaluation about professors appropriately incorporating spiritual insights into their teaching.  I won't miss this question, per se, but rather the effects of it.  Some professors are genuinely good at bringing spiritual insights into their teaching; some bring it up once all semester or find extremely random and awkward ways to bring it up; some find extremely random ways to bring it up and incorporate it as part of their teaching style.  It was at best uplifting, at worst amusing, and always made my day a little brighter.

WILL.  The traffic lab.  The only people on campus who understand me . . .

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  1. Oh you are done! Wow! Congratulations...

    I agree with a lot of things on this post. Like beautiful people, the HFAC,and beards. Maybe that's why I'm still singl Not enough bearded men for me to fall in love with on campus.