Monday, January 28, 2013


I mentioned that TRAX was packed during the Iridescence of Death last week.  This is true, because it was.

I got on at 39th; all was well until 33rd, where a large group of people got on who spoke French to eachother.  I don't mean that it was bad that they spoke French; I just mean there were a lot of them and it got rather crowded after they got on.

After getting my foot stepped on, I shifted positions and grabbed the pole next to me--only to come in contact with a human hand.  Belonging to someone other than me.

I hurriedly retracted my hand, mumbled, "Sorry," then found a less contactual handhold.

A soft voice said, "How dare you?"

I looked up in alarm, only to see the owner of the voice was grinning.  Phew.  No epic showdown necessary.

At Gallivan Plaza, I heard a voice clearly say


and the French-speaking people all disappeared as mysteriously as they had come.

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