Friday, January 11, 2013


The day FrontRunner South happened, I had a final at BYU at 5:00 p.m. At the end of this final, I was trying to get back to FrontRunner so I could get back home. I caught a bus I thought would get me there in time. It didn't. I stood on the platform for a solid hour, in the cold, waiting for the train to come. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It seemed like forever. By all accounts, it was forever.

But I still made it home half-an-hour earlier than I would have the week before, taking the 811.

Let me put it this way: I've been waiting for FrontRunner for nearly a decade now. I was there when FrontRunner North opened. I've been checking the construction updates for FrontRunner South weekly since there have been construction updates for FrontRunner South. And I just spent a whole semester watching the FrontRunner trains come and go at American Fork station, reaching out both hands screaming "TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!" as I sat on the bus, usually frightening the other passengers out of their wits. Okay, so I was screaming inside my head. But you get the idea. FrontRunner could run 30 minutes behind all day and not have any heat or WiFi and I would still love it.

I'm sorry FrontRunner hasn't satisfied everyone's wildest dreams already. If it helps, try riding the 811 from Sandy Civic Center to UVU, then the 830 from UVU to BYU (and back) every day for a week. Then you'll find that FrontRunner has satisfied all your wildest dreams forever. Or, at least, the majority of your wildest dreams for a very long time.

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