Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The day FrontRunner South happened, I decided I would use it to get to work. As I've hinted elsewhere, and as you can deduce from looking at the map, taking FrontRunner to work involves me catching the 200 the wrong way to get to the Murray station before I can get on FrontRunner, which makes the trip only marginally faster than if I took the 200 the right way, but hey, FrontRunner!

Those of you who have been frequenting Murray Central station lately will know that only one of the entrances to the FrontRunner platform is open. The other one is present, but is currently fenced off for reasons I'm not aware of and haven't inquired into. It is a mild, but not life-altering, inconvenience to have to walk to the other side of the TRAX platform so that you can enter the FrontRunner platform on the south end.

On the day FrontRunner South happened, however, one individual either was not aware of this situation, or else decided he could do better. When I entered the TRAX platform, he had already hopped one railing, and was in the process of trying to throw his bike over a fence. He was also quite grumpy about apparently having to throw his bike over the fence, given that about 50% of his speech was "f***", "s***", and their respective derivatives.

I watched him in awed fascination for a few seconds, then looked over and realized that the driver of the TRAX train that was pulled into the station was also watching him in awed fascination. I watched him for a little while longer, then continued on my way. I assume the TRAX driver did the same.

I only hope for this man that he eventually got where he was going. And that he eventually discovered that the path of least resistance lay elsewhere.

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