Thursday, January 24, 2013


Those of you who had to walk anywhere today will know what I mean by that title.

It was really cool looking--the rain frozen on top of the snow; the smooth, opalescent glow; the ghostly shapes created by freezing rain coating footprints and snowdrifts.  In between the TRAX tracks you could see large expanses of undisturbed snow (thanks, everyone, for not walking there . . .) that turned into shiny expanses of ice with snow underneath.  After I got off the train tonight, I stopped for a moment to ponder the weird beauty of it all.

Yes, it was beautiful.  But it was a beast to walk on.  And it was EVERYWHERE.

Apparently it was hard to drive on, as well.  People that drove to work this morning showed up hours (plural) late, some of them.  It was definitely the favorite topic of conversation this morning, how bad the drive in had been.  I heard the freeway was a parking lot.  I would like to mention that those who took FrontRunner arrived on time this morning, to the great consternation of those who drove.

Of course the news tonight showed picture after picture of accidents on the freeway without even mentioning that there was another way to travel that didn't involve potentially wrecking your car.  Don't worry; transit will be back in the news as soon as somebody dies or a train breaks down in the Narrows again.  Sigh.

But there were a lot of people who seemed to get the hint today.  TRAX was PACKED.  I didn't take FrontRunner today, but I heard it was fuller than usual.  And very nearly on time to Central.

We still have a long way to go as a society before we all take trains and trains are good enough for all of us to take.  Until then, consider taking a train anyway and letting "UTA be your ice skates," as someone so cleverly put it on Twitter this morning.  Avoid the incandescence of death!  Travel in warmth and let someone else do the driving.  I highly recommend it.

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