Monday, January 7, 2013


Shortly before FrontRunner South happened, I was on the 200, calmly proceeding through downtown Salt Lake. Well, as calmly as the 200 ever proceeds through downtown Salt Lake . . .

Then a car cut in front of us while it was in the process of slowing down to turn right into a parking lot. I will never understand why most people seem to think that buses are effectively immobile in traffic. They're not.

Anyway, this car cut in front of us while also going very slow, which necessitated a liberal application of the brakes by the bus driver to avoid impacting the car. In fact, he had to slam on the brakes so hard that a woman toward the front of the bus slid completely out of her seat, onto the floor.

Now, if she had hurt herself, or if she had screamed loudly while sliding off her seat, this would have been a scary story. But this time, she simply said


so surprised was she at the bus's sudden cessation of motion. A few seconds later, she picked herself up, looking a little disgruntled but otherwise unharmed.

We all agreed the driver was being Dear Stupid Provo Driver. That's not what everybody called it, but it was the same idea.

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