Monday, February 4, 2013


Dear stupid Provo driver:

Did it ever occur to you that other people might know what they're doing, even though you don't understand it?  Have you ever considered the audacious idea that you might not be the most important person in the world?  I mean, it's technically possible that the most important person in the world could be the jerk behind us on 53rd South, but I doubt it.

Consider the evidence: we were politely stopped at the intersection, not turning right because a person was crossing State Street, at the light, during the appropriate crossing interval.  Crossing State Street at 53rd can make you feel like an ant.  There are few intersections in Salt Lake that make me feel more like an inconvenience instead of a human being.  So, if we get the chance to stop for someone and make their life better, we'll do it.

Except that then you came up behind us and honked, because of course you thought we were waiting at the intersection because we hated you.  It never occurred to you that we might be stopping for a pedestrian, because you have obviously never been one and don't recognize that they exist.  No, you had to let us know that we were doing it wrong, because we were clearly stopping for no reason!

To top it off, your honk earned us a nasty glare from said pedestrian, causing her to think that we were angry at her for daring to legally cross the street, rather than considerately stopping to let her cross.  That was real smooth, being a jerk and then pawning it off on the nice people.

I dunno, maybe that actually makes you some kind of evil genius or something.  But you're still an insufferable prick.


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