Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The other day I was standing on the curb in the dark, waiting for the 200 to come.  Since there are no functioning streetlights where I catch the bus (though some very nice new streetlights were recently placed there and I salivate for the day when they will be put into service), I have to whip out my cell phone and wave it in the air so the bus driver can see me (my dashing silhouette doesn't cut it).  This is not a problem when I'm alone at the bus stop, but sometimes there are other people there, and I'm afraid they'll think I'm weird, or hallucinating being at a rock concert in a cell phone commercial, and I feel self-conscious about it.

This was the case on the aforementioned "other day," when I decided to push through the barrier of my own personal shame and wave my cell phone in the air despite the presence of another person right behind me.  I admit I stole a self-conscious glance backwards to see if she would mock me.

Lo and behold.  When I turned around, she was also waving her cell phone in the air.  Now the bus driver had no choice but to stop.  So much for personal shame.

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