Thursday, February 28, 2013


Today I was in Ogden for work.  As there is no way, even in some weird retrograde parallel universe, I would ever drive to Ogden, I took the train.  But, as could possibly be expected, I was not working at the Transit Center, it was necessary to transport myself by bus through a small portion of Ogden.

I was standing at the bus stop at about 2:00 today, waiting for a bus to take me back to the Transit Center so I could take FrontRunner back to Salt Lake.  I was waiting for a while, which didn't matter, since I had already missed the 1:54 train and had an hour to kill.  I had figured out that the next bus to come by was the 455, and I had serenely resigned myself to wait, when . . .

. . . here came a rogue F628.

I say rogue because the F628 never goes to Ogden.  It goes back and forth between the Clearfield and Roy FrontRunner stations, and any part of Ogden would be waaaaaaaaaaay outside the deviation zone.  So you can imagine I was a little surprised when it pulled up and the door opened.

A little breathlessly, I asked the driver, "Are you going to the Transit Center?"  He nodded.  Okay.

So I rode the F628 today.  And I didn't even have to go to Hooper to do it!  I really need to be more careful about what aura I'm projecting, before I attract too many more rogue buses, so far from their regular routes.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Weber County. Come back anytime. Wonder if it was coming from the Harrisville MV Transport garage. I will have to try out F628 while it is still around, it just never worked out for me before.

  2. Apparently it doesn't work for many people, which is why it's going away :)