Monday, March 18, 2013


The other day, I was looking at a map of what BYU will look like after the "walking plaza" is finished.

Walking plaza.  Also, larger parking lot.

As I contemplated the map, I suddenly got an idea . . . an awful idea.  I got a wonderful, awful idea.

Campus Drive will be closed.  But not ALL of campus . . .

Now that the actual routes are out, I think I can safely publish this.  Click to enlarge.

All the buses through BYU could be accommodated with little disruption to schedule if they ran down WEST Campus Drive, instead of East Campus Drive.  And while I'm being evil, I added four more bus stops, to replace the one being taken out: one in front of the Tanner building, one in front of the JFSB, one in front of the JSB and one in front of the Clyde building (but of course!).

If the BYU administration saw this map, they'd probably have a hissy fit.  To which I say:



  1. Instead, we get a weird, ill-defined loop (in what direction does it even travel?) on the very southeastern fringe of campus (you'll notice that the loop is different when you compare to the map in And I guess there's no longer a timepoint for any stop at BYU. I love what's being done with East Campus Drive, but I can't see this helping the embattled public transportation cause at the Y.

    Other April change day thoughts:
    • It looks like UTA wasn't able to fix the poor connection the 830 has to FrontRunner in Orem after 7 p.m.
    • Saturday service is being eliminated from the 842. I didn't really think this route would take off, to be honest.
    • The late night trips that were added from Provo to Salt Lake on weekdays don't show up in the new printed schedules. Sigh...
    • Northbound FrontRunner trains will no longer dwell at Central Station for ten minutes! Instead... this will take place at North Temple. It'd be nice if UTA could include an arrival time into North Temple on the schedule, because the situation right now makes it look like it takes twelve minutes to go between the two downtown stations.
    • The 6 and 240 are to have their Sunday service eliminated, but UTA accidentally included links to Sunday schedules. They're even modified from the current Sunday schedules. Oops.
    • Speaking of the 6, 60-minute frequencies on Saturdays will be reduced to forty-five. Huzzah. I can't remember the last time we've had a frequency increase.
    • Oh, and this nugget from the 6's new schedule: It's given a luxurious six minutes to get from N. Temple FrontRunner to 200 W. North Temple on weekdays, but one measly minute on Saturdays.

    Yeah okay I'm done. Night y'all. I'll be here all week.

    1. Ah, I've missed our change day banter. Fortunately, there will never be a shortage of change days around here.

      • After looking at the 830, 831, and 832 maps, I think I can guess that the loop is done counter-clockwise in both directions, and that it goes between 7th North, 9th East, 9th North, and 7th East--not down 8th North as shown in the 830 .pdf map; first, because there is no 800 North east of 7th East in Provo (it's 820 North), and second, because 820 North would be an utterly uninspiring place to stop for people to get to campus. I think, in any case, we can safely say that transit is on life support at BYU. I keep thinking it can't get worse, and then it does. Our only hope is if the bus can stop at the new roundabout in front of the Wilk. Or West Campus Drive *snort*
      • I don't think the 842 currently runs on Saturdays, actually. So it's not getting slashed yet . . . yet.
      • I think Northbound FR waiting at North Temple is a good idea for two reasons: you don't have to wait an extra seven minutes if you're trying to get to North Temple, and you don't get to Central just in time to see the bus before the one you're scheduled to catch pulling away. Hopefully that doesn't start happening at North Temple!
      • I saw the 6's ambiguous Sunday schedule, and that the first weekday trip to the U (the 6:10) is back, as well as a trip on the 17 (!) that gets to the U before 8:00, but I didn't even check the 6 Saturday schedule. Good on you. 45-minute service isn't a bad idea, I suppose, if FrontRunner is coming every 90 minutes. Then, of course, you would have a mix of 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute frequencies in Salt Lake on a Saturday, and no buses would transfer to each other ever. Not that that has stopped Utah County from having 60, 90, and 120-minute service . . . but I digress.
      • I can buy the difference in times between the 6 weekday and Saturday--The 6 on weekdays is full of FrontRunnerers going to the Church Office Building, but not very full of anything on Saturdays. I don't think it could make it in one minute, but almost.
      • Speaking of canceled, I wouldn't be surprised to see the 517 dwindle quite a bit in the future, especially on weekends. The 517 used to really load up through downtown, but a lot of those people were going to North Temple. Now TRAX is going to do that. It'll be interesting to see. Not that I'm trying to give you ideas, UTA people that read this blog . . .
      • Excellent use of bullet points.

    2. • Oops. I was typing under the false assumption that all Utah County routes had Saturday service. Well. Good for the 842 for staying as is, then.
      • Oh, I'm still a fan of making North Temple the designated dwell location downtown. It really is a much better location than Central Station. But I do wish an arrival time was published so passengers disembarking at North Temple could better know how long it will take to make a bus connection, or which Green Line they can catch to go to the airport.
      • Oh, and apparently the 501 has come back from the dead. Try tracking it in the AM rush (and maybe in the PM). What an enigma.
      • Adding to the Sunday service confusion, I think I remember the UTA's social media rep telling someone on Facebook that the 240 will indeed still run on Sundays. And the change day flier makes no mention of any service loss on that route or the 6. In short: there will be confusion and consternation come April 14.
      • I'm still a tad skeptical that the 6's new times between those two timepoints will work, but it never hurts to hope for the best. Just to illustrate some more rather peculiar shifts in timepoints: for the 209's inbound schedule, it'll be given three minutes to get from South Temple and E Street to 155 E 100 S on weekdays (three fewer minutes than right now), two minutes on Saturdays, and six minutes on Sundays. So, there's that.
      • Glad you approve of my bullet points. My old em dashes pale in comparison to these.

      Compared to the two-month gap we've had separating the last three change days, it'll feel like absolutely forever until the next one rolls around. But I have a feeling that we're finally going to see the return of service that's been lost over the past several years. Cheers to that.

    3. • I remember when the 509 was created, the printed schedule said "No Service Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays" and I remember feeling sad that the north end of the old 227 (the busy end) was not sticking around on Saturday. A couple of Saturdays later, I was sitting at the bus stop at Central and a bus pulled up that said "509" on the front, and the bus driver shouted "509!" Rather than assume that I was suffering from a simultaneous auditory and visual hallucination in broad daylight with everything else apparently normal, I deduced that the 509 did, in fact, run on Saturdays. While I was glad that the north end of the 227 had indeed been reincarnated as the 509, I was a bit piqued that the schedule hadn't said so. I have found that, in general, when the website and the printed schedule don't agree, the website is correct. But in this case, the description on the website agrees with the printed schedule. I have never taken the 6 or the 240 on a Sunday, so I'm not worried about my own person, but I can picture a couple of very irate passengers standing on 9th Avenue on April 14th, waiting for a bus that will never come. Hopefully everything comes into agreement in time for actual Change Day.
      • I keep hearing about the 501, and I never remember to check it. Part of that is because I now commute during the peak hour! I'll remember one of these days.
      • Sometimes bus schedules do this weird thing where the bus is calculated to arrive just a little late at a timepoint so that it never has to hold, but the timepoint is still there as a better reference for passengers. I actually suggested this to the Utah County planners way back in the day on the 822 Northbound, since there were 15 minutes between BYU and the timepoint before, and people in south Provo had complained to me that the bus was always very late, when in fact it was on time in Springville. I don't know that that's what's going on with the 6, but it does make sense that 200 W. North Temple is a bad place for a bus just to stop and wait. Which doesn't explain the weekday schedule, or the 209 . . . I'm just rambling . . . it's late.
      • No more service cuts? I hope so. I'll drink to that (a Martinelli's, anyway). Cheers!

    4. Your timepoint example makes sense. It reminds me of what is done with the 209 outbound schedule between 5600 S 900 E and Fashion Place West. It's given twenty minutes to get between those two points. It rarely ever needs more than ten. I can't really fathom why this would be done (maybe to pad the schedule for late trips? but this isn't done for any other route of which I'm aware), but whatevs.

      Also, I stumbled upon this on UTA's Facebook page and I just got a warm, fuzzy feeling that I couldn't help but share with the world at large. There are some pretty interesting things posted on there but this was one of the more heinous comments.

    5. I hope she feels better now . . .