Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I found another bus commutergirl shouldn't ride.

See, commutergirl is from Illinois.  It is flat there.  She doesn't like steep slopes or cliffs.  I respect her wish not to go further up the hill than about 13th East, though I don't share it.

As I have slowly explored some of the odder corners of the Salt Lake transit system, I have found some places commutergirl and I probably shouldn't go together.  The famous gooseneck turn on the 228, for example (which you should really go see, if you haven't).  Or the part of the 220 on 13th East where the world completely falls away to your right (if you're going outbound).  There are others.

But the 11 is something else altogether.  Last week I rode the 11th-Avenue portion of the 11 (and, in true ninja style, was the only one on the bus by the end).  We started out on relatively flat ground downtown.  But then we went up.

And then we went up again.  And then we went up again.  And then we went up again.  There we were, on 13th Avenue, with the whole valley stretched out placidly below us.  I looked the other way, and saw . . . natural vegetation on the hillside.  The 11 literally goes to the edge of civilization.

Even I was a little unnerved.  But then, on 13th Avenue, a man got off with a bike.  I don't know if I want to know how far up HE was going.