Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It happened again.  We had an anniversary.  We weren't really trying to; it just kind of happened.  Time passing, you know.

 This year was a bit scaled back from last year's anniversary celebrations: no formals, dinner was expensive, but not nearly as expensive as last year.  We went to the symphony; my favorites were Jeu de cartes by Stravinsky (obviously) and An American in Paris by Gershwin (obviously).  And of course, we took TRAX.  Did you really have to ask?

We scaled back this year because we are still recuperating from the lean months of my last semester, while simultaneously preparing for baby BUSNINJA to make a dramatic entrance into our lives.  (Babies are EXPENSIVE!)  Money's tighter than it was last March, and it's not likely to get any looser in the foreseeable future, but it's not as tight as it was last December, thank heavens.  It was a lovely evening, if not as over the top as the last one.  Welcome to marriage, I guess?

Here's to many more years, be they fat or lean.  Here's to many more dress-up dates on TRAX.  Here's to a whole gaggle of little ninjas.

BUSNINJA and commutergirl 2 years & counting!

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